Why Z

Zentrys offers data center services that cover the life cycle of data centers from design and development till operations and quality management. We offer non-standard services that fit the customer's question and don't think in prefabbed designs. None of our customers has the same request.

We are proud to deliver our services to a wide range of (inter)national high-end clients. Our client base counts national governments, data center operators, corporates and international cloud providers. Size starts at 500kW corporate data centers and ends at hyper scale volumes.

Our team members have relevant experience in data centers, mission critical environments, real estate development/management and quality control. All team members, including directors, are teached to think in solutions instead of issues. Simplification is where we are famous for.

New hires are welcome to keep up with the growing demand for our services in the data center market. Zentrys offers new hires an attractive package of conditions. More important is you get the change to develop yourself in one of the fastest growing markets of the moment. The data center market is growing exponentially and the top doesn't seem near. We offer in- and extern education, international experience and teams with many of the nicest people in the sector.