Data center operations

White label data centers operations is our main activity. Zentrys is involved in over 100,000 sqm (1,000,000 sq.ft.) of white space in Europe. Therewith Zentrys is one of the largest white label data center operators. Our approach has developed in such a way it is relatively simple to grow our portfolio, due to standardized operating procedures. Most important in our approach is decrease of the human falure.

History shows it is not often the technical installation of a data center that fails. In at least 70%  (source: Uptime Insttute Reports) human failures have proven to be the source of events in data centers. Even in the remaining 30% the cause was located in the technical installations, it was a person that made a failure during design, production, installation or maintenance. The challenge is to minimize the risk by creating tools that verify the decissions made by humans. 

Zentrys offers the following operation services:

  • - Full operations
  • For several parties we are responsible for the full operations of their data center. 
  • - Technical-, operational-, security-, and/or commercial management
  • - Energy imrpovemant program

  • - Commercial plan
  • - Efficiency  calculation, planning en development
  • - Data center quality and certification systems