Zentrys provides assistance in mission critical infrastructures. We are capable in managing the mission critical lifecycle from end-to-end. Mission critical infrastructures require a unique approach compared to others. Small failures lead to events that could cost billjons. To increase the efficiency of data centers and decrease the number of failures, Zentrys invests in data center research, tools and people.

Zentrys designs, develops, manages and improves new and existing mission critical infrastructures, of which many data centers, for a broad range of customers. Besides mission critical management our track record contains many designs, greenfield developments (fully new built data centers) and brownfield developments (redevelopment of existing warehouses or data centers). Therefore we could also advise clients on all kind of relevant issues.

Zentrys combines technical, real estate, IT/networking, legal (permitting) and security-skills within one team. This integral approach enables us to cover the entire lifecycle of a data center and finally come to a more reliable product with a shorter time to market compared to other companies. This is a unique approach in a market where most parties don't have all the skills in house.